Re: Engine shutdown on an A340

From: (Francis JAMBON)
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Date:         22 Apr 96 01:24:03 
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In article (Dans l'article) <airliners.1996.597@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Andrew
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>              A friend of my reported recently riding in the cockpit of an
> A340.  At one point, the pilot flipped a switch and asked my friend if he
> had felt anything unusual about how the plane was flying.  My friend did
> not notice anything.  The pilot then told him that he had just shut down
> the number 3 engine.  He indicated that the autopilot handled the shutdown
> to such an extent that there was no physical sensation, just an indication
> of a drop in engine RPM.  Are there any A340 experts out there who can
> comment on this?

I am not a "expert" but the auto-pilot of A320/A330/A340 can cope with an
engine shutdown even just after take-off when the auto-pilot is engaged.
It is one of the best Airbus security system [from Airbus press] I don't
know if Boeing or MD Douglas airliners have such a thing. IMO it is a very
good safety system, but the problem is that the auto-pilot do not give
enough feedback to pilots, the RMP drop is not enough, I would prefer a
aural warning too.

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