Birgenair 757 crash - A&C article

From: (Francis JAMBON)
Organization: CLIPS-IMAG, Grenoble, France
Date:         22 Apr 96 01:24:03 
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A short abstract of Air & Cosmos Aviation international, Friday 12 April,
page 31. The article says that the pilot pitot probe seems to be blocked.
So the pilot speed indication was wrong (too much). At 5000ft the
overspeed alarm ring, so the pilot reduce trust and pull up. Then the
stall warning ring. A lot of confuse in the airplane. The pilot put the
auto-pilot off. The F/O put full-trust. The plane stall. 101 seconds after
the plane crash.

What I do not understand is if a pitot probe is blocked. the indicated
speed must be lower than the air speed, not highter ?

Francis JAMBON

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