Stretch A340-600 and MD-11

From: (H Andrew Chuang)
Organization: Concentric Internet Services
Date:         22 Apr 96 01:24:01 
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Recently, both Airbus and McDonnell Douglas have announced their studies
to build a 375-seat long-range aircraft based on current models to
compete with Boeing's B747-400.  Airbus also has signed an exclusive
agreement with GE for engine study.  The new engine requirement is a
lot greater than the original anticipated requirement.  Originally,
CFM International proposed a 41,000-lb-thrust CFM-XX, and Pratt & Whitney
proposed a 43,000-lb-thrust PW2143 (as well as Rolls' RB411 proposal).
The new thrust requirement is reported to be at 51,000-lb.  The new
engine may be what GE used call the GE45, a GE90 derivative.  GE seems to
favor going back to the old days when each aircraft would have only one
engine supplier.

I wonder if Boeing will consider building a "B-market" B777-300 when
the B747-400 production line closes?

  H Andrew Chuang (