Re: Cruise Relief Pilots

From:         co160@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Ron Poole)
Organization: The National Capital FreeNet
Date:         20 Apr 96 14:02:51 
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There seems to a bit of misunderstanding about Cruise Relief Pilots. In
canada, and I am certain that other ICAO member nations, require that the
pilot be qualified for the seat he is occupying. This is because there are
specific duties associated with that seat and the pilot must demonstrate
that he can perform those functions. Flight engineers would never be
legally permitted in a "forward facing" seat, but Second Officers could be
if trained. There are cases where we would not allow a Captain to fly
right seat if he had never been an FO on that equipment or not trained in
the seat. Type endorsements or lack of, do not mean that the FO has not
qualified or been trained. The FAA do not type rate FO's despite the fact
that he/she has taken the full training and passed the required checks.
Ron Poole