Re: Does a 747 actually have a drop ceiling?

From: (Kim Hackett)
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Date:         20 Apr 96 14:02:50 
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>> Does a 747 really have a drop ceiling above the passenger cabin?  Is this
>> mostly open space like the movie suggests?  I personally don't belive it
>> is, but wanted to ask someone who might actually know this.  I appriciate
>> your help.
>Haven't seen the movie, but I have seen a "drop ceiling" on a B747
>used as storage for ... well let me explain.

I haven't seen the movie either.  I have been inside the NASA 747 Shuttle
Carrier aircraft, the former American Airlines plane.  This plane had a plywood
floor aft of where the spiral staircase goes to the upper deck.  It had about
20 seats on the main deck forward of the spiral staircase.  I remember that
the plane looked much higher inside.  There was no ceiling in the aircraft,
you could see the entire upper portion of the fuselage frames down the length
of the aircraft.  I do remember that one or two of the fuselage frames that
are where the aft part of the shuttle attaches to the 747 had large gussets
added to the frames.  The NASA 747 was in Boeing Wichita for maintanence
following the trip to the Paris Air Show in 1983 or 1984.