Re: 747-300 and -400

From: (Greg Smith - Boeing - Wichita Division)
Organization: The Boeing Company
Date:         20 Apr 96 14:02:50 
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Brad Gillies <> wrote:
> In article <airliners.1996.506@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Callisto <> wrote:
> >You're mistaken. Next time you see a series -100 or -200, have a
> >closer look.  There is one door on the starboard (right) side only.
> >No left side emergency door. There is also a flight deck crew
> >escape hatch above the cockpit.

> Actually I am on them daily and can assure there is one on each side.

All 747-100s and -200s have at least the single door on the right hand
side behind the cockpit.  Some also have a left hand door opposite the
other door.  It just depends on what the original customer configuration
was when the aircraft was built.

Greg Smith
737-700 Weight Engineer