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  or MIME structure (Mary Shafer) shaped the electrons to say:
>Are you sure it's the Dash 80?  I thought the Dash 80 was what Douglas

Yes, it was the Boeing Model 367-80, and normally just got called the Dash 80.
the Smithsonian has it now.

>was certifying in the early '80s, when they broke the tailcone off
>with an FAA pilot flying, doing the runway work here at Edwards.  They

That was probably the MD-80 aka Super-80 (aka DC-9 evolution).

MD would liek to claim it is a new breed, but it is really founded on the

>I also believe that Boeing had to guarantee that opening the 707 line
>would not impact the KC-135 schedules in any way.


The 367-80 was the prototype/proof of concept.  From there they developed
an airliner.  But the first customer was the USAF for tanker and cargo
aircraft.  This was eventually dubbed the Boeing Model 717 and we know it
better as the C-135 series.

This was *also* going to be the form of the airliner.  However, Douglas
announced the DC-8 with a fuselage that was wider than the then '707'.  So
Boeing did a crash redesign and developed the final form factor for what
we know today as the Boeing Model 707.  It shares roots and some
components with the 717/-135 but it is largely a new aircraft.

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