Re: 707 and KC-135 relationship and something about the 747 (was: Subsidies)

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Date:         20 Apr 96 14:02:48 
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In <airliners.1996.555@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Mary Shafer) writes:

>Are you sure it's the Dash 80?

Boeing's original prototype jet transport was the "367-80".  (The suffix
is where the term "Dash 80" comes from.)  The KC-135 and the 707 series
were both derivatives of this prototype.

According to "Boeing 707 & AWACS" by Alwyn T. Lloyd (part of the "In
Detail and Scale" series published by Aero), the KC-135 was known within
Boeing as the 717.  Does this sound right to the rest of you?   I don't
recall this from any of the other 707 material I've come across.

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