Re: 707 and KC-135 relationship and something about the 747 (was: Subsidies)

From:         David Lednicer <>
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Date:         20 Apr 96 14:02:47 
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> 707. As a matter of fact, the military originally wanted the McDonnell
> Douglas aircraft that would be similar to the DC-8 (the designation
> escapes me). The original order for the KC-135 was only for a few
> aircraft in order to help the military out until MD could produce it's
> competition.  Most of this comes from a series that aired on The

	Not quite - actually Lockheed won the Air Force competition for
the new tanker aircraft.  However, Boeing beat them to the punch by
offering the 367-80, which was much further along.  The Lockheed project
was never built, but I have seen a drawing of it.  If I remember right,
it actually looked quite similar to the KC-135.

	Further to my previous post on this subject, the C-135s were
built on a Safe-Life principle, of 7178 Aluminum.  The 707s, in contrast,
were Fail-Safe structures, built of 2024 Aluminum.  Additionally, the
turbojet C-135s' cabin pressurization was provided by compressor bleed
air, while on the 707s, bleed air was used to drive a turbo-compressor,
which provided cabin pressurization.

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