Re: DC-10-30 (and -10's ??) #2 Thrust reverse useage

From:         Pete Finlay <>
Organization: Expensive Desktop Paperweights
Date:         22 Jan 96 03:24:14 
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In article <airliners.1996.37@ohare.Chicago.COM>, writes
>Perhaps someone with experience flying the DC-10-30 or -10 series could
>tackle this one. Why do some airlines consistently use reverse thrust
>on all three engines, yet in contrast, others only use #1 and #3 reverse?
>This may also be true on L-1011's or B-727's - the reverse thrust on
>the #2 engines are not as noticeable to onlookers as is the DC-10's.
>CAVU days to all...

I seem to remember that there was occassionally a problem with the
reversers on the aircraft (I flew them for 4 years). Not a major
problem, but one where the reverser did not fully stow after

On the wing-mounted engines, there was no problem sorting it out, but on
the tail mounted engine, there was the problem of getting access,
especially in airfields that did not have the correct equipment.

Pete Finlay in the South of England
Boeing 747 Senior Flight Engineer