Re: S80 Ground Checks

From:         Dave Lawson <>
Organization: AlliedSignal Engines, Phoenix, Az
Date:         19 Apr 96 02:04:06 
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John Liebson wrote:

> How about not all of AA's large fleet of MD-80s having been modified?
> I don't know if this is true--but I certain see lots of manual wing
> checking on this fleet, even on warm days at ABQ, due to the fact that
> the ice often forms *after* landing.
> We waited for deicing on one of these aircraft at DFW one warm
> evening, only to have the ice melt off of the wings as we moved
> forward in the deicing queue.

The entire AA MD-80 fleet has been equipped, according to my sources.
Some of them have systems that have gone in-op.