Re: Jet Engines above the wing

From:         Nick Booth <nickjb@HK.Super.NET>
Organization: HK Super Net
Date:         19 Apr 96 02:04:06 
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> > I have here in a copy of Janes, a photo (and little else) of
> > a small feederliner called a VFW-614, from West Germany.
> >
> > There is a slightly swept wing, with two small fanjets mounted
> > on pylons ABOVE the wing. The wing is mounted low on the fuselage,
> > ala 737.

   Ages ago (well a few years anyway), I remember seeing a photo of this
model, with the caption stating that it was a design in noise reduction
for people on the ground - ie put the engines above the wings, and the
wings rebound noise above, and not below, the aircraft. Was this true ?
It doesn't seem to have had much of an impact...

   Thanks,            Nick