Re: Jet Engines above the wing

From: (Alain Deckers)
Organization: PREST, University of Manchester
Date:         19 Apr 96 02:04:04 
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On 13 Apr 96 16:44:53 , (Max O.
Lange) wrote:

>Yeah- good old 614...funny thing: The company was actually named Fokker
>and (like its Dutch counterpart?) went broke just as this very nice
>aircraft had some market success...

The VFW-614 was produced by VFW-Fokker. This company resulted
from the merger of the German firm VFW and the Dutch firm Fokker
in 1969. The two firms demerged in 1980, though VFW was absorbed
into MBB, and later into Daimler Benz Aerospace, as was Fokker in

The VFW sold a grand total of 10 units (last delivery in 1976)
according to the figures published in "The European Aerospace
Industry: Trading Position and Figures" published by the European
Commission. Figures from the 1991 edition, the last one in which
the VFW was mentioned.


Short History of Airbus available on the Web at: