Re: Jet Engines above the wing

From: (Max O. Lange)
Organization: ESA ESTEC
Date:         13 Apr 96 16:44:53 
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In article <airliners.1996.102@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
(Tim Takahashi) wrote:
> I have here in a copy of Janes, a photo (and little else) of
> a small feederliner called a VFW-614, from West Germany. The
> airplane in the photograph is wearing Luftwaffe clothing, but
> it is clearly a small feederliner.
> There is a slightly swept wing, with two small fanjets mounted
> on pylons ABOVE the wing. The wing is mounted low on the fuselage,
> ala 737. The horizontal surfaces are mounted high on the fueslage
> with more dihedral (also similar to a 737). Single vertical
> empennage.
> >From the looks of it, it seats 35-40. It is shown in the "rare"
> aircraft section of the book... next to Convair 990s, Bristol
> Britannas, etc.

Yeah- good old 614...funny thing: The company was actually named Fokker
and (like its Dutch counterpart?) went broke just as this very nice
aircraft had some market success...
Anyway, it really is a small feeder liner though it was mainly used for
VIP transport in the Luftwaffe. One, though, was converted by the DLR
(German aerospace research establishment) to an all-electric everything
simulator called ATTAS. One thing they use it for is laminar flow
research, I think.
I also seem to recall the YC14/YC15 programmes in the States used engines
mounted above and before the wings to increase lift.