Re: Jet engines

From:         Darren Pardoe <>
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Date:         13 Apr 96 16:44:52 
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On 11 Apr 96 09:58:38 , Curious <100115.261@CompuServe.COM> wrote:

>Do big fanjets work by Newton's second law or like giant propellers?

Is this a trick question?

Newton's second law relates net force and acceleration. A net force on an object
will accelerate itthat is, change its velocity. The acceleration will be
proportional to the magnitude of the force and in the same direction as the
force. The proportionality constant is the mass, m, of the object.

Newton's second law F=ma ( Force = Mass x Acceleration )

All aircraft are governed by this law, if they have jets or props.
If it moves it is governed by Newton's second law of motion.

Darren Pardoe
South Glamorgan,

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