Re: Boeing 777 advances

From: (Dieder Bylsma)
Organization: University of British Columbia
Date:         22 Jan 96 03:24:13 
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>-Alcoa developed an aluminum alloy specifically for the
>777, in cooperation with Boeing.  Anyone know the alloy

As I recall it was mentioned on PBS on the show 'Making of the 21st
Century Jet' and was an Aluminum-Lithium alloy. Some problems were had
with its cracking and chipping when it came to being rivetted which is why
they ended up not using it for some areas that they had originally
planned. (Even though the chipping/cracking wasn't deemed to be a risk,
they decided to not go ahead with it for simplicity and maintenance's
sake) End result was to increase structural weight 250lbs over what it
could have been with the Al-Li alloy.