T-Tailed aircraft

From:         "John O'Brien" <obrien@ironman.mch.sni.de>
Organization: Siemens Nixdorf Inc.
Date:         13 Apr 96 16:44:52 
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As airliners are all beginning to look alike and
are hard to distinguish from each other, at least in
the air at a distance, I was wondering
why some manufacturers still make T-Tailed aircraft
and some don't. I know that in the late 70's the first
designs of the 757 had a T-Tail but that this was later
replaced by the normal fin and lower tail-plane.

Also some more modern airliners have T-Tails,
(Bae-146 or Avrojet, MD-80/MD-90), ATR 40, (I think thats
what this prop-plane is called), Fokker-100.
There doesn't seem to be an evolutionary pattern from
say 50's to the 80's. The only disadvantage I ever heard
about a T-Tail was that it was harder to recover such a
plane from a stall.

I find it difficult to distinguish at a glance an A330
from a 767 / 777, a 737-400 from an A320, an A310 from a 757
or TU-204.  Will there ever be another T-Tailed airliner
after the current ones become obsolete ? I know its all
economics now but I liked the days when VC10s, Tridents,
DC-8s,707s all looked distinctive and had...
well a bit of character !


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