Re: Does a 747 actually have a drop ceiling?

From: (Ed Hahn)
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Date:         13 Apr 96 16:44:50 
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> I was unfortunate enough to see the movie 'executive decision' last week
> with a friend.  It was a movie worthy of a mystery science theatre
> review.  But it brings up a few questions:

> Does a 747 really have a drop ceiling above the passenger cabin?  Is this
> mostly open space like the movie suggests?  I personally don't belive it
> is, but wanted to ask someone who might actually know this.  I appriciate
> your help.

Haven't seen the movie, but I have seen a "drop ceiling" on a B747
used as storage for ... well let me explain.

I was travelling with a college orchestra in 1984 on a tour to Europe,
and we flew Virgin Atlantic.  (It was just a couple of days after they
started up, actually.)  Naturally, no one in the orchestra wanted to
check their musical instruments (the bulky ones like harps were
specially cargoed), so there was a dearth of storage space in the
overhead bins, etc.

A flight attendant opened a door which swung down out of the ceiling
in the aisle, and put some cellos or some such overhead - it was
fairly sizable.  The bin swung down like an attic ladder.

I believe I was sitting in the section between the L/R2 and L/R3 doors at
the time, but I'm not sure.

Not having seen the movie, I am unable to comment on how the space was
portrayed on film.

As a side note, there is pretty good footage of not-usually-seen
interior space on a B747 in the movie "Terminal Velocity".  If you can
ignore the plot and acting, it is educational.


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