Re: Question re Long-haul aircraft

From:         Mark Hunnibell <>
Organization: The Clan Hunnibell
Date:         12 Apr 96 02:11:27 
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Clyde Mitchell wrote:

> For the purposes of a story that I am writing, I need to have a group of
> people fly non-stop from Brazil to Bergen in Norway. [...]
> I do not need a huge payload
> capability: I only need to transport 8 or 9 people with very little baggage or
> cargo.  Cost is not a major consideration.
> Any suggestions as to the type of aircraft I could use?

How about the new Gulfstream V (since cost is not a major consideration)? That
aircraft flew first in December 1995 and is designed to carry 8 passengers and 4
crew 6,500 nm.  The aircraft is small enough to go into Bergen.

There is a description of the aircraft available from this page:

It's in the [Get Hangar Documentation] link and is zipped with the other 5
(long range business jet) aircraft listed.

Good luck

Mark Hunnibell