req inf on FAA standards on foreign security

From: (Koen Moens)
Organization: PING Belgium
Date:         12 Apr 96 02:11:23 
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Leuven, Belgium 12/4/1996


I'm looking for some detailled information and I hope somebody can
help me.

In September 1994 a Belgian newspaper reported that the FAA had
forbidden a number of foreign air carriers to further use USA
territory because the aircraft these companies were operating did not
meet safety criteria. I believe the program is
called "assessment of foreign compliance with international safety

As regional small Belgian airports receive a lot of flights (freight
mostly) from many largely unknown foreign-based air companies, I am
quite concerned about the dangerous safety situation for the airports
and for the people living around them.

1) Can anybody send me a list with the names of all the countries (and
if possible companies) suspended by the FAA under this program since
september 1994? (The FAA home-page which I have consulted only goes
back till March 31st, 1995)

2) I would also appreciate hints of interesting regulations and
quality criteria in force specifically with regard to safety (and
noise, kerosene pollution, ...), and where I can find them (e.g. on
the Internet, ..).

I would be grateful for any other information you would consider

Thank you in advance,

Koen Moens
F. Lintstraat 23, 3000 Leuven BELGIUM
fax: ++       e-m@il: