Airbus launch Web site.

From: (Alain Deckers)
Organization: PREST, University of Manchester
Date:         11 Apr 96 09:58:38 
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I haven't seen any annoucements on either of the two groups this
message is going to, s.a.a and m.t.a-i, so I'd just like to point out
that Airbus seems to be about to launch a Web site (but then, messages
usually take about a week to get to me thanks to the wonderful
newsfeed provided to the UK academic community, so this may already be
common knowledge).

The URL is <URL:> (surprise, surprise!) and at
the moment they have very cleverly put a huge jpg on the front page
(just to annoy all the modem users out there). It depicts an A340 in
flight and says "Coming Soon". I hope they do and that they publish
press releases, financial info, and their market forecasts -- I wish
Boeing also published this latter item on the Web; hi Martin, any
chance you could pull a few strings and arrange this? ;).

Best Regards,



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