Re: Cruise Relief Pilots

From:         Rick Hughes <>
Organization: iiNet
Date:         11 Apr 96 09:58:37 
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Henry Law wrote:
> In article: <airliners.1996.457@ohare.Chicago.COM>  peter neville
> gurnell <> writes:
> > I understand that Carriers such as Quantas, Cathay and Eva
> > use cruise relief non endorsed pilots who demonstrate emergency
> > descent and a few other items but no T/O or landing.
> Comment from Tim Bull, only partly qualified as I am only an ETOPS B757
> driver.  I have no doubt that a full endorsement (type rating in UK
> language) is necessary for cruise pilots.  With full training including
> engine out, approaches and landings comes that essential ingredient
> CONFIDENCE, which is difficult to acquire in these days of young pilots
> entering the airline environment for the first time.

Not correct ...

Cathay use Second Officers who do NOT have a full endorsement on type, but
have what is known as a P2X rating.  This allows them to sit in the right
seat to conduct relief operations in the cruise with a Relief Commander in
the left seat. This arrangement is used on 747-400 and A340 ULH sectors with
the P2X rated pilot used as the fourth crew member with 3 other P1 rated
pilots operating.

They have, however, completed a full groundschool conversion/simulator
program and will have done numerous approaches to a landing in the sim.  The
first poster was correct in saying they will not have been in the seat for
T/O or landing in the aircraft i.e: base training etc.

I understand this IS being used with other carriers, but cannot comment with
authority on that angle.

Rick Hughes