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>IMHO, the 777 doesn't make sense for Delta because at Delta's home in
>Atlanta, concourses T, 1, and 2 are too close together to allow 777s
>to taxi without disrupting other aircraft movements.

Interesting ... might Delta be the first buyer of the folding wingtip
option?  8-)

>>American Airlines will, if they order it, probably use the 777 on it's trans-
>>-continental routes (American Airlines is one of the few airlines still using
>>wide-bodies on these routes)

>If you mean "transcontinental" as flights to LAX, SEA, SFO out of
>EWR, IAD, JFK, then you are wrong because most of these flights use
>767 or DC-10 widebodies.

Several years ago AA put three cabin aircraft (specially configured
DC-10-10s plus standard international DC-10s and 767s) on all JFK-LAX
flights.  UA matched with four dedicated 767-200s plus an international
767.  They've escalated to having the three-cabin widebodies on all of
their JFK-LAX/SFO flights, AA still a mix of DC-10s and 767s while UA
is all 767.  This is a *very* service-competetive market.

On some of those other routes, UA uses the 757 pretty heavily.  All of
the SFO-BOS are 757s, at least the majority of the SFO/LAX-EWR flights
and a good number of SFO/LAX-IAD are 757s too, though a pair of feeders
for the IAD Atlantic hub operate with big equipment -- a few months
ago, LAX was a 767 and 777 while SFO has usually been a pair of 747s.
Right now the SFO-IAD feeders are a 747 and 757.

AA can't have that many widebody flights on these routes because they
don't have the equipment.  I suspect the bulk of their transcon flights
use 757s, like UA.  AA is down to only 23 DC-10s (UA is now ahead with
37 in service, or 36 if the April retirement has happened already).
The A300s rarely, if ever, make it to the west coast.  They do use
767s on domestic flights out of SFO (and I imagine LAX) other than to
JFK, but there are also plenty of 757s, and most of the 767s are busy
flying international routes.

>As a matter of fact, UA uses more widebodies to the west coast out of
>ORD than does AA.

UA does fly big stuff ORD-SFO at peak times, but a lot of flights are
757s with an occasional A320 and/or 727 flight.  For a while, ORD-LAX
was almost entirely 757 and A320 on UA.  For ORD-SFO/LAX, I wouldn't
bet too heavily that UA has more widebodies than AA over the whole
day, though with one or more 747s UA may have more capacity on wide-

>Furthermore, DL uses more widebodies domestically (primarily smaller
>ones such as 767s and L1011s) than other U.S. airlines.

I've always thought it interesting that DL alone purchased the 767-300
extensively for domestic flights.  AA and UA both use 767 domestically
but other than special configs for JFK-LAX/SFO, they're international
aircraft which wander onto the domestic system.  I don't know if TW's
767-300s ever show up on domestic routes; their -200s do though I
think they're also basically international aircraft.

BTW, why do you call an L-1011 a "smaller" widebody?  It's the same
size as the DC-10s that are the biggest of AA's domestic fleet.

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