Re: S80 Ground Checks

From: (John Liebson)
Organization: ISFSI
Date:         11 Apr 96 09:58:36 
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Dave Lawson <71202.1577@CompuServe.COM> wrote:

>The fact that they are still doing it is likely due to one of the
>following reasons:
>1.  The ground crew does it as a matter of habit, since they have
>been doing it since early 1992 (per the FAA AD).
>2.  The system was inoperative due to a fault.

How about not all of AA's large fleet of MD-80s having been modified?
I don't know if this is true--but I certain see lots of manual wing
checking on this fleet, even on warm days at ABQ, due to the fact that
the ice often forms *after* landing.

We waited for deicing on one of these aircraft at DFW one warm
evening, only to have the ice melt off of the wings as we moved
forward in the deicing queue.