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Date:         11 Apr 96 09:58:36 
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>>On VIP flights with 747F and C's ...

>I fly 747 100's and 200's. Our 747's have two doors on the Upper Deck,
>not one. And they are only used (by my airline, at least) as emergency
>escape doors. As crew, we enter the aircraft like all the passengers do
>- by the main deck door.

Note that he was talking about the freighter and combi versions.  The
loading procedures are rather different, even though it may not seem
like it when flying steerage.  (Obviously we're talking about a combi
that's operating in all-cargo configuration here.)  Does your airline
have any all-cargo 747s, and if so, how do the pilots board them since
it's obviously not like all the passengers?

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