Re: 707 and KC-135 relationship and something about the 747 (was: Subsidies)

From:         Chris Jardine <>
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Date:         11 Apr 96 09:58:35 
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In Article<airliners.1996.491@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
<> write:
> According to the then-current Jane's All the World's Aircraft, the
> KC-135 prototypes were being built when Boeing decided to offer an
> airliner version.  They, Boeing, had to get permission from the USAF
> to use the KC-135 R&D rather than develop the 707 completely from
> scratch ...

> Thus, the 707 is, in fact, a KC-135 derivative, rather than the
> reverse, although the reverse is very commonly believed.

If you go even further back you will notice that both the KC-135 and 707 were
based on the DASH 80 in which Boeing risked 1/4 of the company net worth on
the bet that either commercial airlines or the military would like to buy a
jet of the type they had. I will agree that they both are variations on the
DASH 80, but, since Boeing had developed the basic airframe on their own the
military should not have had much of a say in whether they could build the
707. As a matter of fact, the military originally wanted the McDonnell Douglas
aircraft that would be similar to the DC-8 (the designation escapes me). The
original order for the KC-135 was only for a few aircraft in order to help the
military out until MD could produce it's competition.

Most of this comes from a series that aired on The Discovery Channel a few
years back. Since they produced that segment with the help of Boeing and such
people as Tex Johnston (I hope I spelled his name right) who was the test
pilot for the DASH 80 project.

Chris Jardine