Re: Current Role of T-43A/737 in USAF?

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Date:         10 Apr 96 02:17:43 
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>I was surprised to find that the military flight carrying over 30
>VIP's, that crashed on approach to Dubrovnic last week was a T-43A.

The more recent reports place the fatalaties at 33 -- six crew and 27

>Has the military re-configured thes aircraft for a transport role,
>with the introduction of GPS navigation?

I don't know if GPS or some other factor is the reason, but yes, some
of the T-43A aircraft have been converted to other roles.  The one
which crashed was a CT-43A, i.e., modified into a transport role.  It
reportedly had a forward cabin that was reasonably luxurious, a bunch
of navigational equipment in the middle, and a cramped aft cabin which
sounded a lot like a few rows of a more typical 737's economy cabin.

BTW, the accident aircraft was 73-1149 (msn 20696, line number 347),
which first flew on March 27, 1974, and was delivered to the US Air
Force several weeks later, on April 11.

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