Current Role of T-43A/737 in USAF?

From: (Steven G. Thomson)
Organization: Internet 1st, Inc.
Date:         10 Apr 96 02:17:43 
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I was surprised to find that the military flight carrying over 30 VIP's, that
crashed on approach to Dubrovnic last week was a T-43A. I was in one of these
airplanes about 8 years ago, and they were navigation trainers. They had most
of the cabin windows plugged, and the cabin was filling with training stations
for navigators. They were based in California, and spent most of their time
flying back and forth to Hawaii, training navigators in all phases, including
celestial. There were few passenger seats.

Has the military re-configured thes aircraft for a transport role, with the
introduction of GPS navigation?


Steven G. Thomson
Arnold, Missouri, USA