Re: md-11ER

From: (Russell K Ching)
Organization: California State University Sacramento
Date:         09 Apr 96 14:22:51 
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Bong ( wrote:
: Also, will someone tell how many thousand of pounds of fuel will the
: md-11 consume in an hour and will it be posible to to fly 6500 nm
: and carry a 80000 lbs. of payload?

In this week's AW&ST, an article about World Airway's acquistion of two
MD-11ERs lists its range as 7200 nm.  The GTOW is 630,000 lbs. (nothing said
about the payload).  It also states that it "includes a removable
auxilary fuel tank in the cargo compartment which carries 3,000 gal. of

On a side note, MD is "studying tow additional trijet derivatives, a
stretch and long-range version.  The LR model would have a design range
of 8,500 nau. mi., while the stretch wold accommodate 375 passengers in a
typical interior layout.  The stretch would have a modified wing for
improved aerodynamic performance and upgraded engines to provide a range
of about 7,000 nau. mi."  Does this mean MD is still a viable player?