Re: S80 Ground Checks

From:         Dave Lawson <71202.1577@CompuServe.COM>
Organization: AlliedSignal Aerospace Canada
Date:         09 Apr 96 14:22:49 
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The MD80 has a problem that relates to the possibility of clear
ice build-up on the inner wing upper surface.  The ice has
been known to shed during the takeoff run and become injested by
the engines.  The MD80 has, of course, tail mounted engines.
Scandinavian Airlines lost an MD80 shortly after takeoff in late
1991 due to ice injestion resulting in engine flameout.

The reason that they are out there with the pole is that they
have to do a tactile check of the wing surface to detect the
presence of ice. It is interesting, however, that they were doing
it as recently as last week.  The reason I say interesting, is
that American Airlines purchased a system from Douglas that is
comprised of a large aluminum skinned heater that is attached at
the leading and trailing edges with many fasteners.  After an
aircraft is equipped with this system, they aren't supposed to be
required to perform this check.

The fact that they are still doing it is likely due to one of the
following reasons:
1.  The ground crew does it as a matter of habit, since they have
been doing it since early 1992 (per the FAA AD).
2.  The system was inoperative due to a fault.

Dave Lawson