Re: AA & the Airbus A340

From: (Niraj Agarwalla)
Organization: UMass-Lowell Computer Science
Date:         09 Apr 96 14:22:48 
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Jennings Heilig  <> wrote:

>What are the chances that AA is going to go for the Airbus since they
>were on the original "gang" that helped define (along with Delta, btw)
>the 777?  I've been waiting with baited breath for the AA and/or DL
>announcement of their respective 777 orders, and inthe case of AA, for it
>to be the launch order for the 777-100.   From what I hear (more and
>more) DL is very unhappy with the MD-11, and American has never been
>terribly thrilled with it.  AA is selling off the fleet to FedEx, and
>rumors are that DL is about to do the same thing.
>So when *will* we see those big 777 orders?

Delta will probably put in an order for the 777 in a year or two, in order
to replace it's remaining L-1011s.  Probably use the plane on European,
trans-continental, and high-density routes like New England - Florida.
American Airlines will, if they order it, probably use the 777 on it's trans-
-continental routes (American Airlines is one of the few airlines still using
wide-bodies on these routes), South America routes, and it's European routes.
I don't see why they wouldn't order the 777, since one the benefits of the
plane is the low training cost.  Pilots flying either 757s or 767s (which
both airlines have, can easily cross-train to the 777.

Niraj Agarwalla -=- -=-