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Date:         09 Apr 96 14:22:47 
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>: The -100 and -200 don't have an upper deck door, except for the small
>: hatch above the cockpit.

>Yes, it has, but only at one side. On VIP flights with 747F and C's, the
>passengers board through this door. And how do you think the crew gets in
>the plane? The -300 and -400 have two doors halfway the upper deck.

The -400F has a glorified ladder leading from the upper deck down to
the main deck; presumably earlier 747F and C models have this as well.
I had assumed the crew boarded through one of the main deck doors and
climbed up.  I don't have much contact with freighters, though I have
noticed regular passenger ladders positioned at the first or second
main deck doors.  I've never noticed any sort of stairs that reached
all the way up to the upper deck, and I would think that would stand
out pretty clearly.  I guess it's time for a sightseeing trip of the
scenic SFO cargo area!  :-)

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