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Date:         31 Mar 96 17:24:09 
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>>The -100 and -200 don't have an upper deck door, except for the small
>>hatch above the cockpit.  (I assume the same is true for the -400F
>>which does not have the long upper deck.)

>Isn't the upper-deck door on the starboard side on the -100, -200, and
>-400F a service door?

I had forgotten about that door.  On UA 747s (the only ones I've been
on), I think it's inside the cockpit area, adjacent to the FE panel.
I've never seen it used on a UA plane, though UA has the optional
dumbwaiters or elevators for the upstairs galleys and thus wouldn't
need to use them for galley servicing.  Perhaps other airlines whose
747s don't have that option use the door for servicing, though it's
smaller than the regular doors.

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