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From: (Jay Vassos-Libove)
Organization: MindSpring Enterprises
Date:         30 Mar 96 16:01:11 
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Many L-1011's were fitted or refitted with center overhead bins,
and the aircraft still retains a lot of headroom.  Also, many of
the originally much too small side overhead bins have been replaced
with much larger ones, again not impacting the perception of openness
in the L-1011 cabin.

As to why that is the case, I have no idea.  I just wanted to point
out that it isn't the lack of a customer option (center overhead
bins) that gives the interior of the aircraft the extra space (or
perception thereof).

My comments come from my experience flying Delta's domestic and
international L-1011 fleet -- I have no idea what other airlines
have done with their L-1011's, but short of lowering the ceilings :)
I think that feeling of open space would remain. wrote:
: In Article<airliners.1996.333@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
: >
: > My question is: how was extra headroom justified?
: > Would it reduce the L1011's cargo capability?
: > Or -- possibly -- improve it?
: >
: My guess is that the greater headroom was made possible by the lack of center
: overhead bins and comparatively small (against the 747/DC10) window overhead
: bins.

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