Question re Long-haul aircraft

From: (Clyde Mitchell)
Organization: CSIRO
Date:         30 Mar 96 16:01:10 
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For the purposes of a story that I am writing, I need to have a group of
people fly non-stop from Brazil to Bergen in Norway.  The distance from
Brasilia to Bergen is 9603 km (6002 mi), or about the same as London to Hong
Kong.  Clearly a 747 could do this, but I do not think it could land at
Bergen (Flesland), which can handle 737's etc.  I could reduce the distance
to 8390 km (5244 mi) by flying out of Recife.  I do not need a huge payload
capability: I only need to transport 8 or 9 people with very little baggage or
cargo.  Cost is not a major consideration.

Any suggestions as to the type of aircraft I could use?

Thanks for any help,

Clyde Mitchell