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From:         "Karl E. Jones" <>
Organization: Softaware Inc. and JetCafe
Date:         30 Mar 96 16:01:08 
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On 21 Mar 1996, Jean-Francois Mezei wrote:

> When the SCUD missile became a "star" in the Desert Storm war, why then did the
> stock of the company that makes it go up on Wall Street ? Because investors
> knew that a lot of SCUDS would be used in desert storm and that its high
> visibility might result in sales to other countries, hence more profits to the
> private company which result in higher dividends to the investors. In essence,
> the US government spent tax money which ended up partly to Wall Street
> investors.

[Majority mercifully snipped...]

I won't ask whose side you're on, but the SCUD was not one of ours.
Karl E. Jones