Airbus bashing

Date:         22 Jan 96 03:24:10 
Organization: Data Transfer Group
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It is an absolute pleasure to watch this rather quiet and sedate
group.  The Airbus bashing going on in is becoming
tiresome and possibly a place where lawyers soon will tread.  The
story all began with the terrible AA crash in Cali....and now has
degenerated into a sort of "Airbus crashes more than Boeing" thing.

If you have not read/watched any of it, you might agree with me (once
you have) that the group's monitoring is out of control.  What amazes
me is how people sign their names at the bottom and include their
company information.  Some of these companies are in the aviation
business!  I wonder what HQ thinks of all these they
perhaps reflect some sort of policy?  I wonder....
Best regards,
Addison Schonland

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