Re: Airbus A3XX---vapor plane?

From: (Alain Deckers)
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Date:         30 Mar 96 16:01:07 
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On 21 Mar 96 02:38:01 , (C. Marin Faure) wrote:

>In article <airliners.1996.387@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
>(Alain Deckers) wrote:

>> This thread has been dead for some time, but just as a matter of
>> record, I understand that the A300 ST is only being produced in
>> limited numbers (at least initially) for internal Airbus use. It is
>> also called the "Super Flipper" and will replace the "Super Guppy"
>> that are currently (or have until recently?

>Just for the record, the new, outsized jet transport Airbus has built to
>haul their wings and fuselage sections around is called the "Beluga" after
>the whale of the same name.  At least that's what some executives at
>Airbus told me a year ago.  It may be that since then, it's name has been
>changed to "Super Flipper" to build on the "Super Guppy" theme.

Martin may be right about this; I haven't checked for a while whether
they have changed the name. However, Aerospatiale's in house magazine,
in its June/July 1993 edition (n. 99), contains a fold-out structural
diagram of the Airbus Super Transporter labelled "Super Flipper", and
this is the source I was using for the name (it's blue-tacked to the
inside of the door to my office; I can see it from where I'm sitting).
The 1991-92 edition of Jane's All the World's Aircraft (p. 109), the
last edition I have available in the office, doesn't give a name other
than the Airbus "Super Airbus Transporter" (SAT).




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