Re: Those backward-pointing rods on A320 wing things...

From: (Don)
Organization: Netcom
Date:         30 Mar 96 16:01:06 
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  or MIME structure (Scott Wright) wrote:

>I'm not sure if I've seen this one answered before here, but
>it's vitally important for a friend of mine to know:

>Extending behind the trailing edge of an A320's main wing, there
>are two fair-sized "bulk-heads" (probably not what they're called).
>I believe they contain some linkages, fastenings or actuators for
>the flaps, and or ailerons.  Extending out of the point of each
>one is a thin rod or tube.

>Are they:
>  a) static diffusers
>  b) some kind of sensors
>  c) fuel dumping nozzles (I doubt it, they're pretty thin)
>  d) hooks for ground crew to hang their headphones on
>  e) none of the above

the "bumps" on the trailing edge of the wing are called " flap track
fairings"  and do in fact house the track that the flap rides on.

The thin rods  are static dischagers,  I belive that they are made of
carbon and are quite fragile.

Hope this helps

 - Don

 mechanic for a major US airline," no job too big or too greasy".