Re: Those backward-pointing rods on A320 wing things...

From: (Brad Gillies)
Organization: Internex Online (, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date:         30 Mar 96 16:01:06 
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In article <airliners.1996.396@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Scott Wright) wrote:
>I'm not sure if I've seen this one answered before here, but
>it's vitally important for a friend of mine to know:
>Extending behind the trailing edge of an A320's main wing, there
>are two fair-sized "bulk-heads" (probably not what they're called).
>I believe they contain some linkages, fastenings or actuators for
>the flaps, and or ailerons.  Extending out of the point of each
>one is a thin rod or tube.
>Are they:
>  a) static diffusers
>  b) some kind of sensors
>  c) fuel dumping nozzles (I doubt it, they're pretty thin)
>  d) hooks for ground crew to hang their headphones on
>  e) none of the above
None of the above...

You are probably talking about the flap track fairings.  These are fairings to
cover the flap actuating mechanism from the elements and for aerodynamics.
All airliners have them to some extent.  Some are large and some are small.

Brad Gillies
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