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Date:         30 Mar 96 16:01:04 
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>My friend maintains that the upper deck doors are designed to be used as
>emergency exits only and could not be easily modified for routine use.  He
>said that the slide housing blocks the entrance.  I knew this was true on
>the -100 and -200 but are the -300 and -400 the same?

The -100 and -200 don't have an upper deck door, except for the small
hatch above the cockpit.  (I assume the same is true for the -400F
which does not have the long upper deck.)

The upper deck door on the -300 and -400 is hinged at the top and
swings up, as opposed to swinging out and to the side as on the main
deck doors, or pulling up and into the fuselage like on a DC-10.  I
don't know where the slide housing is located offhand, but I suspect
the upward opening door would make an already troublesome jetway
design even more cumbersome.

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