747-300 and -400

From:         varsity@pipeline.com (Chris)
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Date:         30 Mar 96 16:01:03 
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A friend of mine and I (for our own amusement) are discussing plans for our
own airline.  One idea of mine was to use the upper deck of 747-300 and
-400 aircraft on very long hauls for an ultra-exclusive first class

As part of that we discussed the feasibility of using a separate upper
level in hub terminals for these passengers, and allowing them to board
from that level directly to the upper level of the '47.  Anticipating the
challenge of operating a 40-foot-high Jetway (R), I sketched a custom
version of same for these aircraft.

My friend maintains that the upper deck doors are designed to be used as
emergency exits only and could not be easily modified for routine use.  He
said that the slide housing blocks the entrance.  I knew this was true on
the -100 and -200 but are the -300 and -400 the same?  My cutaways do not
elaborate on how the door operates.

Any information would be appreciated.