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>I have seen several references to something called a 757-300
>and/or 757-300X recently.  Is this a "stretched" 757?  Is there
>a commitment to build such a beast?

The idea keeps coming up.  About three years ago Boeing was talking
about a 23'4" stretch, which with a 30" pitch means about 9 more rows
or 54 more seats, ignoring added galley and/or lavatory needs, and
assuming only additional window exits.  Look in the archives of this
group (at for more
info on past versions.

Recently, the idea seems to have come back more seriously, and Boeing
seems to be saying that it may be the next launch after the new 747
(-500x and -600x) models.  One driving force is that the 757-200 is
popular with inclusive tour operators, but is "overranged" for their
needs.  In other words, even cramming in as many tourists as they can
fit and loading sufficient fuel, they're still well below MGTOW and
maximum fuel capacity.  Unlike scheduled carriers, they don't carry
much freight, and they don't have much call for greater range (not
unlike cargo flights, an occasional fuel stop isn't a major problem
for their payload), so the 757 offers them capabilities they can't
use.  Stretching the 757 lets them add more seats, thereby taking
advantage of the 757's full lift capability.

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