Re: An Accelerometer in Paradise

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Date:         21 Mar 96 02:38:07 
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Ian Judge  <> wrote:
>Ronald James Wanttaja ( wrote:
>: For the entire travel period, the maximum G level was:
>:    X = 6.167
>:    Y = 6.889
>:    Z = 10.10
>: These sound high, but remember, most of them are short-lived events with
>: not much energy in them.  It should be noted that I carried a china teapot
>: in the same suitcase as the EDR (wrapped in bubble wrap); it arrived
>: unbroken.
>These sound particularly high when you consider that the maximum g-loading
>of a B757 is 3g. Approx 3 yrs ago Caledonian severely bent a B757 with a
>heavy landing of 2.76g. The aircraft took 3 weeks to prepare for a ferry
>flight ...

The max loading for the entire plane may be 3g, but that doesn't apply to
something inside the plane, particularly if it can move around.  I think
I read somewhere that the peak deccelleration of a metal box pushed off of
a table and landing on a concrete floor can exceed 100g!

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