Re: An Accelerometer in Paradise

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Date:         21 Mar 96 02:38:06 
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>..snip    I activated the EDRs for the trip home.  The following
>posting is a report of the results.

> It gets interesting about a half-hour after the plane got airborne.
Three shocks,
> a minute or so apart, with maximum values of 10.1, 9.13, and 5.429Gs!

      Obviously the pilot perfomed a loop, roll and a spin with such skill
that you hardly knew it. It can be done (honest)... I know of pilots who
are so good that they loop, roll and spin and don't know they did it until
they landed. Then they remember, it has to do with the G's pulled... (it's
called GRIMLS ...  Gravity Related Induced Memory Loss Syndrome. Many
people suffer from this if they live in low or high gravity  areas. Some
neighborhoods have less gravity than others, that's why model airplanes
fly better in in these areas. Therefore if a pilot pulls positive G's he
will remember having done more than he did , negative G's produce the
opposite effect.
       However reports have shown that since pilots usually pull +G's they
tend to remember more about the flight than they actually did. I'm sure
if you would have asked the pilot of your airliner about GRIMLS  he would
know about it.

>.  The 10.1 G one had two peaks, dropping slightly between in
>about 0.1 seconds

   Just shows how easy it is to pull 10 G's if your seat is inclined and
your tray is up...