Re: A second 757 crash -- off the Dominican coast

From: (David Lesher)
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Date:         21 Mar 96 02:37:58 
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  or MIME structure (Jim Strain) writes:

>What sort of mis-fueling did you envision? Are there now different
>kinds of jet fuel? I know it's been a lot of years since I was a ramp
>rat, but it still *smells* like the same stuff to me. The only fuels
>I remember ever seeing (and they powered ALL kinds of aircraft) were
>JP5 (successor to the old JP4) which was and is basically kerosene,
>and 115/145 AV-GAS (high-octane aviation gasoline used in recips).


""Jet Fuel"" aka Jet-A is kerosine. Inspected to the nth degree,
but pure kero. [If it flunks any test, it's sold as kerosine.]

But JP4 is different. It's military fuel -- Jet-A laced with tolene,
naptha & other light end nasties. AFAIK, it's not now used for
commercial a/c & if it ever was, it's been years.

I've not heard of JP5; ISTM JP7 (or was it 8?) was SR-71 Blackbird
fuel -- thick gummy yucky stuff when cold, but by the time it was
heated [the fuel helped cool the skin], it flowed nicely.

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