Re: Vickers Viscounts in the US?

Date:         19 Mar 96 00:44:07 
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In article <airliners.1996.267@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Astracon) writes:

>Can anyone help me compile a list of Vickers Viscounts still in existence
>in the US?  I recently observed 5 of them in storage at Tucson
>International Airport, and there is a sixth on display at the nearby Pima
>Air Museum.  From what I understand the Mid Atlantic Air Museum also keeps
>one on the east coast in flying condition.
>Any others lingering anywhere else in the US?

>From fairly recent personal observations-
 N7471 at Reading Pa (Mid-Atlantic Museum)
 N7411 derelict at Salt Lake City
 N1899K stored(abandoned?) at Milwaukee
 N555SL at Chino Ca (still there ?)

and if you include Canada, there is one in the National Museum in Ottawa
and one here in Vancouver used as a Tech School instructional airframe.

Supplementary question - any still airworthy ?

Brian Maddison