Re: Airbus A320 flight controls

From:         "peter (p.j.) ashwood-smith" <>
Organization: Bell-Northern Research Canada
Date:         19 Mar 96 00:44:07 
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>I ran through the logic test from the Maintenance manual for the sidestick
>logic last night and this is what I found...
>Aircraft is on short term lease from an Company in Britain so the logic could
>be different.
>1) Pushing either sidestick button will transfer priority to the associated
>side.  Aural warning "Priority Left (right)".
>2) Holding the side stick for 40 seconds deactivates opposite stick
>3) Pushing button on deactivated stick, reactivates stick.
>4) holding button on deactivated stick switches priority to that stick.
>5) Moving one stick right and one stick left results in no flight control
>6) same as above for all flight control surfaces. except rudder.
>This was done according to the MM and passed the test.
>Any questions?

  I'm sorry but this stuff scares me silly. This all seem so convoluted and
unlikely to be correctly remembered by a flight crew in an emergency. Compared
to a simple mechanical linkage between the two devices which incorporates
feed back of what each pilot is doing and with what force and with no need
for silly averaging algorithms etc. All for what ... to save a few pounds of
cabling or whatever to link the controls.

  Digital is not always better.

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