Re: Protruding "Fin" Marked HOT on A300

From: (David T. Medin)
Organization: Rockwell Avionics - Collins, Cedar Rapids, IA
Date:         19 Mar 96 00:44:06 
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In article <airliners.1996.339@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Paul Daniel) writes:
> Can anyone satisfy my curiosity please.
> I was looking at a QANTAS A300 the other day and notice what I'd
> describe as a type of fin protruding from the fuselage behind the
> forward cargo door. Can someone tell me what this is please and why it
> was coloured with orange stripes and marked HOT. What makes it hot?
> Paul Daniel (
> New Norfolk
> Tasmania Australia

What you saw was most likely one of the AOA (Angle of Attack) sensors,
which is used by the aircraft's air data system to compute many things
including available lift and stall points. The sensor moves in the
relative wind, giving an indication of the wing's angle of attack. It
is usually kept heated to prevent expected or unexpected icing.

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