Re: Add MD-90 to thrust/weight ratio table?

From:         Doug Moss <75500.2007@CompuServe.COM>
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Date:         19 Mar 96 00:44:05 
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For a rough approximation, use 28,000 lb (X2) for thrust and
159,000 lb for max certified takeoff weight, and you get:
352 for thrust to weight.  On a low-weight takeoff, around
110,000 lbs, T/W is .509.

Normally, MD-90 takeoffs use a 20 deg nose-up pitch attitude
(limited by software in the flight guidance computer) and
accelerate above the normal climb-out speed because of the excess
thrust.  On the baseline 25,000 lb thrust engines, the difference
in thrust isn't noticeable.

One other added feature of the MD-90 is the overrated thrust
potential of the engines, available in conditions such as
windshear, where the thrust can go up to over 30,000 lbs.

A wonderful jet to fly and ride in.

Doug Moss

Doug Moss